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Letters | 5-8-14

May 9, 2014 - 10:07am

We don’t need the military on Big Island

I agree completely with James Donovan when he said don’t bring military into my backyard. I have been telling all our visitors what a safe haven Kona is. Kona of all the places I have lived in and known is a tranquil place where nothing ever happens and I for one like it that way. We don’t want another Pearl Harbor on our island. We don’t want it and we definitely don’t need it.

Colleen Miyose-Wallis


Trash at waste station an eyesore

For three years I’ve been in contact with the county Department of Environment Management. Every time I call, they say they will look into the problem of people leaving their garbage in front of the gate at the Waiea Solid Waste Transfer Station about 2 miles south of Hookena Elementary School in South Kona. There is a sign posted “No Dumping of Garbage” there.

Those of us who drive by this daily have to look at piles of open garbage bags, not a pretty sight for visitors either. What I suggest is that the county put a small garbage bin, for vehicle trash only, something that can be easily wheeled over to the trash area and dumped. The employees have to deal with this mess and it piles up for two days when the station is not open. I’ve seen workers looking through the garbage bags for the names of the offenders. How degrading.

This rubbish attracts rodents and hungry animals. Why has the county allowed this health hazard to exist for so long? The only other options are to hook up a light and camera or hire someone to sit there all night, instead of paying them to sit and write down license plate numbers during the day.

Why post a “no dumping” sign and not enforce it? Another option is to have the few people who are doing the dumping adapt to the schedule like the rest of us, but we all know that’s not going to happen. I’m sure they can justify dumping the garbage: something like “they just got off fishing or working and don’t want to bring garbage home” etc.

So, Department of Environmental Management, please manage this situation. Please call these nice people and encourage them to provide a small dumpster.

Lawrence Spinelli

South Kona

Giant C-17s flying overhead? No thanks

Big Islanders, a call to action! The C-17 fight is on.

The Hanabusa bill to expand the runway at Pohakuloa will once again open this topic for debate. Without a consensus from voters on the Big Island she announced this bill to the house.

The “C-17 low flying training mission proposal” was already rejected by constituents here. Will this be any different? The C-17 is a gigantic, loud, polluting aircraft. Can you imagine a continuous stream of them flying troops, equipment and supplies to PTA? Think about it Colleen. Maybe they should fly over your house, your community, and your aina.

Mark Colter