Saturday | December 16, 2017
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Letters to the editor: 10-26-17

October 26, 2017 - 12:05am

Impeach Trump now

Trump has lost his credibility, his congressional support, his ability to discern truth from fiction. Good and bad people are leaving the ship of state to distance themselves from Trump.

Many on both sides of the aisle are asking themselves how much damage this person might do to America before his term ends. The answer is: vast and far reaching and irreparable damage.

Maybe you think that the nation can or should just hold its collective breath and wait it out. Think again. Have you not read what this man has already done? Is it wise to try to remove the protections of the EPA? Is it good for our nation to shrink or remove national monuments? Is it smart to threaten to destroy North Korea, a nuclear power?

These words may feel good to say, but there is real danger in trying to bully a nuclear bully. When backed into a corner, even rats will attack you to survive. There is a great difference between being strong and being a bully. There is a difference between being a president and being presidential.

Mr. Trump bullies. He does not lead. He does not inspire. He does not seek to unite our nation. There are real attempts to secede by several states. There is real danger from white supremacists and neo-Nazis and others. Playing to the incipient hate between races and cultures is not going to make America great. It will bring about shootings and bombings and eventually civil war.

The Constitution does not allow for a recall. We must demand that he be impeached and removed from office. Pence is there for just such an occasion. There is a serious movement to do just that. The 25th Amendment of the Constitution allow Congress to remove and replace the president without impeachment. Republicans need to realize (and that is fast becoming manifest) that our president is dangerous to the republic and to its people. He is erratic in the extreme.

He is already unable to faithfully discharge the powers and duties required of him. He is unfit. He is a bad for our nation. Being a realist, I do not hold out a lot of hope for Congress to remove Trump. Do they have the courage to speak truth to power to save this republic?

Tom Beach


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