Sunday | November 19, 2017
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Letters to the Editor 11-06-17

November 6, 2017 - 12:05am

Respect our president

A year ago the people of this nation elected Donald J. Trump to be our president. Whether you people here like it or not he is your president. He may not be the most eloquent or well spoken person but he spells his intention very clearly.

He loves this country and all the people of this country. He is our servant. He accomplished more in one year than his predecessor in eight years, really.

If you want to be negative start writing about our negligent county governmental officials, ridiculous water pumps problems on our island, bus transportation, etc. And they want a raise!

If you need to be negative, spread hate and disorder start writing about Hillary Clinton election rigging, money laundering and DNC manipulations and lies. How about our uranium, write something. And there is so much more. Tell us the truth!

West Hawaii Today, how about aloha spirit?

I am tired of your negativity and your boring, predictable material.

Tessa Gaines Myers


Headline captured how we feel

Thanks for sharing with us the feelings of a majority of your readers in Thursday’s headline. Trump left smudges of dotard here, despite his brief stay.

Kurt Engelstad


Doing his part to help the county

It seems that mum is the word Mayor Harry Kim is familiar with. He kept quiet about the water fiasco when the well pumps were the problem. Do you think that Kim will keep silent when it comes time for the department head raises are to be handed out?

Mayor Kim has said that if the department heads get a raise that some services will have to be curtailed. Hello, mayor, where have you been fiddling while Rome has been burning?

Probably he is too busy with the east side of the island to notice that the west side services have already been cut back. Don’t even get me started on Hele-On. As for the water debacle, we have had that service downsized to almost nonexistent. The next step we will all have to dig our own wells.

As for me, I have tried to do my part in only using necessary water. I have stopped irrigation completely and as for flushing the toilet, I have resorted to a 5-gallon bucket that I haul to either Kahaluu beach rest room or to the Old Airport restroom for flushing four times per week.

It is difficult to ride a scooter and balance that bucket, so if you pass me on Alii Drive, please pass with care as I do not want to drop it. So far so good!

Both of these restrooms seem to have plenty of water for that purpose. I also use the showers at Old Airport as they also seem to have an endless supply of water. Many times I am not the only one using that shower.

One other thing, I buy large quantities of bottled water for drinking. One would say that I am definitely Kona water friendly.

Ted Johnson


Teachers remember

Since my arrival in Kona in 1971 I have taught swimming first at the Kona Inn Pool then at a porta pool that traveled to elementary schools. My last school was Hookena where many kids had lunch with me.

We had deep talks. How many in your family? Ten. How many kids do you want? None or one.

A few years later I started full time at Konawaena Pool. After 2 weeks a group of 20 big Hawaiian teenagers came in and sat down in the bleachers. I went over to say hello but they looked confused so I went back to my office.

One big boy came over and stood beside me. I asked his name, and when he told me I said to the group, “Hookena school?” They all smiled and nodded. They had come to say hello to me without realizing they looked different. How nice that was!

Now I teach high school world history, and after many years I’d like to suggest you reintroduce yourself when meeting a former teacher — you have changed the way you look, we haven’t. OK?

Debra Zager

Ocean View

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