Monday | October 23, 2017
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Letters to the Editor: 2-19-17

February 19, 2017 - 12:05am

Tighten up secondhand smoke law

Hawaii State law HRS-328J protects me from secondhand smoke in all public buildings or housing, even parks and beaches.

My condominium is in a complex that has two- and three- stacked units with common air handling vents in the bathrooms. We have no common hallways, stairwells or elevators. The current law only provides protection in these common area so my neighbor could freely share their smoke within our units and aggravate my medical condition.

The law needs to be amended to include multi-unit buildings with common air handling, regardless if they are publicly or privately owned. Please join me in seeking a change in our state law HRS-328J.

Joanne Johnson


Hawaii in danger now

To say Hawaii’s people face extreme danger is the understatement of the millennium. With global warming and the resulting climate change already a reality, our natural air conditioner in Hawaii’s trade winds are becoming rarer and sadly more people are dying here due to hotter temperatures.

Coastal beach erosion is already putting Hawaii’s favorite tourist destination Waikiki in danger. With Waikiki in peril, Hawaii will lose its main industry in tourism and the $14 billion spent annually here.

All in all, Hawaii’s economy and health of people doesn’t look good at the present time. The time is now when the world as a whole should not be dependent on fossil fuels, but, rather more cleaner forms of energy such as solar and wind power.

Dean Nagasako


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