Monday | January 15, 2018
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Letters to the Editor: 3-19-17

March 19, 2017 - 12:05am

Vog part of the deal

I read the letters regarding the vog and what can be done about it … Aaaarrrggg! Mother Nature can be cruel, it’s true, but there’snothing we can do about the vog except stay indoors and avoid it.

Meg Greenwell


Balance bash laughable

I read with bemusement Robert Tiffany’s assessment of WHT’s fairness in reporting. (WHT, March 16, “Columns need more balance”).

Aside from mislabeling George Will as a torch bearer for “liberal change” (see Will’s opinion “Art program a government frill that should be shorn” appearing above Mr. Tiffany’s letter), I question whether Mr. Tiffany’s is either a regular or observant reader of WHT.

Having subscribed to WHT for almost 27 years I can easily recount numerous op-ed pieces appearing in same on a fairly regular basis, particularly in the months preceding a general election, which were penned by such notable conservatives as Michael Gerson, Kathleen Parker, David Brooks, William Kristol and, yes, George Will, or which were reproduced editorials from such notable conservative publications as the Orange County (California) Register, the National Review, the Weekly Standard and the Washington Times; the list goes on.

Much of today’s “bashing and hate” referenced by Mr. Tiffany is generated from extreme right wing zealots who tend to rely on time honored and emotional allegiances rather than critical thinking. They are often dismissive of thoughtful debate, a task which requires fair and reasoned analysis of the evidence.

I cannot help but assume that Mr. Tiffany’s assertion — “Change has come to make America great again” — is a reference to President Trump’s campaign slogan. That being said, I would suggest Mr. Tiffany examine the real facts, not “alternative” ones disseminated on a daily basis by the current administration, before reaching any conclusions as to whether we’re on the right track. Mr. Tiffany might want to consider George Will’s assessment of our fearless leader.

“So, the leading Republican candidate (now president), the breadth of whose ignorance is the eighth wonder of the world, actually thinks that judges ‘sign bills.’ Trump is a presidential aspirant who would flunk an eighth-grade civics exam.”

“Trump, the thin-skinned tough guy, resembles a campus crybaby who has wandered out of his ‘safe space.’ It is not news that he has neither respect for nor knowledge of the Constitution, and he probably is unaware that he would have to ‘open up’ many Supreme Court First Amendment rulings in order to achieve his aim. His obvious aim is to chill free speech, for the comfort of the political class, of which he is now a gaudy ornament.”

Edward H. Schulman


Opinions dime a dozen

In response to Robert Tiffany’s somewhat unhinged letter, I am sure that if George Will found out he had been called a “liberal columnist” he would probably sue for libel. Opinion columns are just that — opinions. It pays to read them all to keep perspective.

Louise Winn


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