Monday | January 15, 2018
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Letters to the Editor: 8-12-17

August 12, 2017 - 12:05am

Lots of questions for our governor

I have written our governor a couple of times and still have had no response to my questions. My first question is why did he veto SB1240? Why does he feel that businesses that take millions of Hawaii reef fish away to sell in aquariums to eventually die in a tank and not be able to reproduce is (I was told he mentioned) “fair?”

From what my understanding is, he feels it “wasn’t fair” to stop these businesses from taking our natural resource away. How is it fair for Hawaii’s reef fish? How is it fair for the thousands of signatures on the petitions that were signed, for the calls and emails that I’m sure he received against allowing our natural resource to continue to be taken away? How is it fair to the other politicians who agreed to save our Hawaii reef fish so they could repopulate our waters fair? How is it fair to his grandchildren who will now grow up with Hawaii’s reef fish (our natural resource) being taken away all for the sake of money, for business? He has yet to respond to me.

My second question, I emailed him twice and have yet to receive an email response back, was why did he raise our taxes? I was told it was because he feels the cost of living here in Hawaii is high so he gave all government employees a raise. I asked him why are Hawaii’s taxes the highest in the country and yet we are like a Third World country because we don’t have trauma one hospitals on any of the major islands? I asked him to please look at how other states budget because how can they function on lower taxes and have trauma one hospitals to take care of their people and we can not? This makes no sense to me.

I feel our government should look at other states and see how they budget, then learn from them and lower our taxes to equal the rest of the countries.

I also asked him why other states can function without a self-employment tax, the GE tax, that only the state of Hawaii has, that is (I believe) also being raised. Why can people open up a business in all other states without having to have this extra tax? This makes no sense to me, just because we are in Hawaii that shouldn’t be reason enough to have to pay the government more money.

I hope someday he will reply to my emails. I am really hoping he will let me know he is looking at how other states budget and he will be lowering our taxes to equal what the rest of the states in the country pay in taxes. Yes, this would probably lower his retirement funds but the people who live here deserve to pay the same in taxes as the rest of the country and not a lot more, I feel. Dreams can come true.

Rebecca Melendez


Wonderful doctor target of which hunt

Dr. Clifton Arrington is simply wonderful. Seventeen years ago when Kaiser diagnosed me with heart disease angina pectoris, Dr. Arrington without drugs cured my heart disease. To this day, with Dr. Arrington’s techniques without drugs, I remain heart disease free.

Dr. Arrington stocks vitamins and minerals for his patients. Drug companies send Dr. Arrington samples of their drugs. One day I told Dr. Arrington I had a muscle strain pain in my back down to my leg. Without charge for his services, he gave me a drug sample to temporarily relieve the pain for my body to heal itself. Sometimes, wonderful Dr. Arrington doesn’t even charge for his services.

When Dr. Arrington was younger his practice included infants and young children for whom Dr. Arrington used to stock vaccines. My personal belief is that Dr. Arrington is a wonderful healing medical doctor with some jealous people against him leading a witch hunt. It is simply wrong for our government to be attacking Dr. Arrington for stocking his tools of his trade.

Morton Bassan

Captain Cook

War just a money grab

Back in the 1950s, when I was a young boy and our country was being geared up for yet another conflict, my grandmother Pratt had a talk with me.

She told me that the propaganda arm of our government has the ability to create an enemy and go to war with that enemy in two weeks. How right she was. I have watched our country have countless wars since then and they all have one thing in common. They make big money for big business!

Now, we have North Korea.

Tim Schutt

Ocean View

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