Wednesday | August 16, 2017
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Dunn Gallery showcases spheres, pods

Dunn Gallery presents “Pods and Spheres,” an exhibit featuring turned and sculpted wood objects, through Feb. 28.

The gallery is introducing sculptor Keith Holt for this exhibit. Holt uses a lathe to create his basic sphere form then caves a face on the sphere.

John Spitzenberger is showing a composed still life of pods. Spitzenberger uses both exotic and local woods. He turns the small pods on an ornamental lathe, creating complex design and texture.

Alby Hall is exhibiting his “Germinating Seed Pod” series during the event. Hall uses woods from New Zealand for his sculptural pods.

Also on display are spheres by Kelly Dunn. Dunn creates spheres exclusively from woods grown on the Big Island.

Dunn Gallery is located at 54-3862 Akoni Pule Highway in Kapaau. For more information, call 884-5808 or visit