Monday | July 25, 2016
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Masking your age

A dark, scary witch, a playful Flopsy Bunny and a jail convict headlined the Kailua-Kona Seniors Club’s Halloween costume contest held Wednesday.

“Elderly people need to get together, talk and have fun, too,” said club president Bev Aikele, who donned Santa-style lingerie and flip flops on her ears while carrying a stuffed bunny in reverence to the Flopsy Bunnies of Peter Cottontail. “It’s part of being healthy.”

Aikele was just one of about a dozen seniors who donned costumes during the group’s weekly meeting held at Hale Halawai. Prizes were given to the top winners.

The costume party grew from an idea by Olivia Mitterwallner, who said her club in Temecula, Calif., used to hold a party to raise money. She suggested the idea because of it’s ability to get people to participate.

“People liked it and it was hilarious,” she remembered. “I hope the people here have fun.”

The costumes were chosen by club members and put into a sealed black “fun time bag.” Members wishing to dress up made a $2 donation to support the club and promised to wear everything in the bag.

And, that means everything — from a stained pair of board shorts to golf clubs and women’s lingerie. Creativity took over for many with some using skimpy underwear as hairpieces.

Elaine Coats, who won the contest for most gorgeous, said she was happy when she opened her bag containing a wig, sequined white lingerie and a skirt.

“It was kind of cute,” explained Coats, who said she has always taken part in Halloween celebrations. “Halloween is such a fun time.”

Results of the Kailua-Kona Seniors Club Halloween costume contest:

Overall winner: Claire Inman

Most gorgeous: Elaine Coats

Most scary: Barbara Stiller

Most creative: Russ Robinson