Saturday | June 25, 2016
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InBrief | Odd news 07-17-13

Balloon king — 8,000 sculptures in one day

BRIGHTON, Mich. — The balloon man is back on top.

Tim Thurmond of the Brighton area says he turned nearly 8,300 balloons into sculptures in 24 hours, reclaiming a record he had for nine years. He says he’s tired but “doing OK.”

The 32-year-old blew into balloons and sculpted them next to the Oh My Lolli! candy shop during last weekend’s Taste of Brighton festival. A paramedic was nearby.

Thurmond averaged nearly six balloons a minute.

‘Calvin and Hobbes’ documentary coming

On New Year’s Eve of 1995, Bill Watterson published the 3,150th and last “Calvin and Hobbes” strip. Since then, there have been good-to-very-bad takes on the comic: cartoons, apps, bizarre live-action reboots, even a search engine.

Now there’s a documentary, “Dear Mr. Watterson,” which explores the impact the boy and his anthropomorphic tiger had on both readers and Watterson’s colleagues.

The film began as a pet project for director Joel Allen Schroeder, who started interviewing fans of the strip in 2007. The movie’s been picked up by a distributor, and the first trailer has just hit the Web.

It’s scheduled to arrive in theaters Nov. 15.

By wire sources