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Letters 1-1-2013

Senate changes

A case for term limits

What did Sen. Akaka accomplish in the past six years that couldn’t have been done by Sen. Inouye and a replacement for Akaka back in 2006? He should have seen that Hawaii’s seniority was in serious jeopardy if both he and Akaka both stayed in office at their very similar ages and states of health.

Ed Case had the right idea about this, but he lacked political acumen by deciding to surprise everybody by running against Akaka in the primary, instead of seeking a caucus of Democratic leaders, especially Inouye, to discuss this most critical matter. It wouldn’t have made any difference who would have replaced Akaka, but making the transition back then instead of now would have allowed the new senator to benefit from Inouye’s tutelage, to gain access to important committee seats and to get a kick start gaining this ever-important seniority which is so financially critical to Hawaii.

Now, because the Democrats selfishly continued Akaka’s rather lame tenure, Hawaii will undoubtedly suffer in the coming years by having two extremely junior senators who will try their best, I’m sure, to help our state, but are bound to be much less successful than a transition years ago would have been.

The best long-term solution for Hawaii and every other state and the country would be to term-limit the U.S. Congress, just like most governors and the U.S. president.

Then, long-sitting politicians, the overly strong lobbyists and big money will have less clout, more political and financial parity will exist throughout the U.S., and dilemmas such as we now face in Hawaii will essentially disappear.

Neal Herbert



Moving pests, too?

Regarding moving truckloads of free compost around the island: Since the raw material is being brought in from many different areas, I would have to wonder how long it is before the little fire ant and other pests start hitching a free ride in the stuff. It is sort of like importing green coffee beans and raw macadamia nuts to the island from pest-ridden countries for their use by the “blenders” in their bogus “Hawaii” products.

How do you think the coffee bean borer and macadamia nut borer got to our isolated island? They hitched a ride in foreign container loads of the very products that our small farmers work so hard to produce locally.

Richard Swann

Ocean View

Henry Street

Traffic advisory

What are the plans for the Henry Street entrance into Lanihau Shopping Center and the new Aloha Gas Station across the street? Drivers are pulling in, pulling out, turning right, turning left, and zipping straight. With no clear-cut right of way, it is an accident waiting to happen.

C. Edwards