Saturday | September 23, 2017
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Letters 1-14-2013

Shooting range

Better than $9 million

An outdoor public Puuanahulu shooting range that anyone can use for any legal type firearm may sound extravagant at $3.25 million, but compared to an indoor police only pistol range at $9 million it sure looks like a bargain. But then again the Army has mentioned allowing the public and police to use the range at Pohakuloa. Best deal of all, even if it is not available every day.

Perhaps a little coordination between agencies is in order.

Ken Obenski


Billing caution

Don’t assume debt

A warning to all Kaiser health plan members:

In November, my husband received some invoices from Kaiser about several unpaid charges dating back to January 2012.

In the Kaiser system, one has to pay an office fee before being seen by a doctor. It’s not always easy to go back and find credit card charges for something that far in the past.

When I called to say we had paid, there were apologies and of course, the charges were reversed.

Well, guess what? It just happened to me, too.

In December, I received an invoice for charges dated March and August and I’ve already received a threatening letter warning that if these charges aren’t paid, the account will be “sent to collections.”

No surprise to me — I did find the credit card proof these charges have been taken care of.

So, if you are a Kaiser member, do not assume you owe any charges that are being sent to you months later.

It’s most likely a mistake in whatever passes for a billing system.

Let’s all hope the medical care is better.

P.I. Hanson



Respect the elederly

Recently, as I was leaving Costco, I observed an old woman walking very slowly, as a car pulled up and this man got out of the car and opened the passenger door and went back to the driver’s seat. In the meantime, this old lady was trying desperately to get into the car, while this “man” just sat there like a bump on a log.

I went over to the car and helped the lady get in the car and put her seat belt on while this person sat there not even looking at me.

She thanked me over and over and I closed the door and walked away.

I really wished that I was a younger person because I really wanted to hurt him — and that is putting it mildly. I, too, am an older woman but I thought that he might take it out on this poor woman. He looked like an abuser.

How shameful. How can anyone be so mean especially to a helpless old woman? He should be punished, and he will be sooner or later. Everyone should love and respect their kupuna.

Nadine Olinger