Monday | February 08, 2016
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Letters 10-18-13

Neglect at Honokohau Harbor is appalling

Holy smokes, what is happening at the entrance to Honokohau Harbor?

I could not believe my eyes last week: palm trees dying right and left, an advertising sign for a rock builder, the rope on the pilings that made the harbor so easy to spot is gone.

All this during the week when Kona has the most visitors and the state has made the harbor look terrible; and it has never been too attractive. The Kona Outdoor Circle helped raise the money for the memorial palm trees and the harbor entrance beautification with an agreement that the state would maintain it and takes exception to this travesty. The level of neglect is appalling.

Marni Herkes


Safety checks should be abolished

All the safety check is, is another form of tax. Why does a new car with a warranty for about five years need a safety check?

I’ll give you one example of how easy it is to cheat the checker. A person with bad tires on his car or truck borrows good tires and rims from a friend, puts them on for the check, then goes home and puts his old ones back on. What is accomplished? Nothing. Except the county made money gouging the taxpayers again.

The safety check should be abolished.

James Paul