Monday | September 25, 2017
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Letters 10-26-13

County Council’s priorities skewed

Well, isn’t it just a wonder. The County Council finds the time to get a bill banning hydraulic fracturing (no need: we live on a thoroughly fractured pile of rock). It also will ban genetically modified organisms based on anti-GMO fear mongering, not science. Yet, it cannot solve the Hilo waste issue and it takes decades to build needed roads.

I suggest that if one is concerned about “risk,” think about that drunken driver coming toward you. That is about a billion times more likely risk here than a GMO or fracking risk.

Richard Johnson

Captain Cook

Gay marriage won’t hurt heterosexuals

Now that Hawaii is once again on the verge of allowing legal equality to gay partners, I’m saddened to see the amount of anti-gay venom that’s being expressed by prejudiced straight people.

If my longtime partner and I are allowed to get legally married, we’ll benefit greatly financially. That means federal money coming into Hawaii that otherwise would not. If we get married, that’s not going to hurt anyone. Straight marriages will not start falling apart because of it.

I just finished reading a wonderful book from the Kailua-Kona Public Library called “The Social Conquest of Earth” by Edward O. Wilson. I highly recommend it, and here’s a quote from it: “Societies are mistaken to disapprove of homosexuality because gays have different sexual preferences and reproduce less. Their presence should be valued instead for what they contribute constructively to human diversity. A society that condemns homosexuality harms itself.”

Clear Englebert