Monday | January 23, 2017
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Letters 10-28-13

More study needed before changing marriage laws

I was horrified when I read Diane Aoki’s letter about gay marriage.

First, I am on the fence about this issue. But her attitude is an example of “progressiveness” gone mad and the people of Hawaii should step back and ponder this attitude. She essentially says if you are not for gay marriage you were probably for slavery, barefoot and pregnant women, etc. In other words, you cannot have an opinion except theirs because you are a horrible person otherwise.

I am not sure when being gay suddenly became a civil rights issue. Gay people should not be berated, attacked and certainly can’t be discriminated against legally, since that is the law. But does that mean homosexuality is a civil rights issue like the rampant racism against African-Americans in the ’60s and earlier, for which laws and changes in society were enacted?

Sure, I want them to be happy, but I would like a polygamous family to be happy. Does that mean we should legalize polygamy?

Society has become much more accepting of gays through the years, and maybe this is the right thing, but same-sex marriage should not be forced into our social fabric with no chance for discussion, as our governor seems to desire with his special session. I don’t agree with churches that say gays are hell bound, but also respect churches’ rights to not agree with the marriage law and their rights be protected.

My only problem with this issue is it is such a huge change to a pillar of society as practiced throughout the world for millennia, and has only become an issue in the last several years. We need to study this, not rush, and most importantly, respect others opinions without calling them racist, or gasp Republican or there can be no debate.

Nancy Regan