Monday | January 16, 2017
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Letters 11-24-2012

Mom and Pop businesses

Becoming extinct ?

As the holidays near and people are getting to ready set go to all the big-box specials, let us all remember supporting small stores is also important.

When you shop small stores, the money stays in Hawaii. We buy locally, we hire locals and pay employees. We pay rent, we buy gas, we shop at the local grocery store, who, in turn, pay their employees, who put gas in their cars. They also buy from local farmers. It is a whole chain of events when you buy local and shop at small stores.

It is a sad day when there will be only big box. Does everyone really want the same clothes as everyone else? Is there only corporate America left that can afford to pay rent? People think they are getting a great deal when the prices are probably better other places.

When the latest big box opened here, our business was cut in half over night. We went from open 9 to 9 to 10 until 8. We went from three employees on shift to one. Our weekends were packed with Hilo shoppers. Then they opened in Hilo. Since then, the two baby stores Hilo closed. The one in Waimea closed. One in Kona closed and we are contemplating what to do. This is just something to think about.

It is important to keep small business alive.

Lori Tina


County parks

Idea going to the dogs

A new park for people is great, but again, nothing for dogs and their owners. Terrible.

So many dogs on our island need free-running exercise and yet our government does nothing to provide for this need. Even sharing existing fenced park space would do the job, but we can’t seem to get the idea taken seriously.

I encourage you all to call the mayor and ask for more fenced dog parks and some dog beaches (so they can swim — another fantastic exercise).

Most of the behavioral problems with our dogs have to do with them not getting enough exercise. The answer is easy and cheap: a little fencing is all they need.

If we have $85 million for yet another park for people, how about we get some funding for dog parks and beaches?

Carl F. Oguss

East Hawaii Dog Psychology Center