Monday | October 23, 2017
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Letters 11-30-2012


Why so reckless?

With all the accidents happening around us on the Big Island, why are drivers continually being reckless?!

This morning, Nov. 26, at 7:30 driving out of the Kona Highlands subdivision, with another vehicle after us, a speeding van with a plumber’s logo written all over it, out of nowhere, overtook both the vehicle in the back and us on the double solid line, construction 35 mph zone — with a school bus approaching in the oncoming lane.

We all ended up approaching the morning traffic, all the way to down on Palani Road (he turned off on Queen Kaahumanu Highway).

Stupid and reckless.

What if the driver couldn’t make it overtaking us; what if he slammed into the approaching school bus; what if it was full of our keiki? What if?

We’re calling his employer. Yes, we did get his license number and his van number and the company name, maybe it can send him to drivers’ training.

V. Lee



For those with short memories of history

For those too young to remember, in 1973 Egypt and Syria led a surprise attack on Israel. Their aim was the total destruction of the state and people of Israel. Those intentions have never changed. They have only been forced to disguise them under new names but with the same faces: Islamic fundamentalism.

Please do not delude yourselves into believing continued appeasement and the turn-the-cheek policy of any government will satisfy their desire to expunge all religions and governments that tolerate anything other than Islam. I doesn’t take a great mind to see this taking place all over the world. It is just more pronounced in the Middle East.

I have been very blessed to have lived and seen quite a lot of this region of the world under more peaceful conditions, but even in those times, acceptance of Americans was only due to the strength of our nation. Our lack and the world’s lack of remembering the past and not applying it to the present will surely lead us to a point of …..

Please remember the past because it shapes the future.

Barry Dennis Christian


Salvation Army

Recognition due

Our family has lived in Kona for more than 30 years. During that time we have watched how various groups have responded to the needs of our community, in particular those who are struggling.

We have been privileged to help serve meals on Thanksgiving Day for many years, courtesy of Salvation Army and Jackie Rey’s Ohana Grill. This year was no exception, with 1,000 meals served.

Not only might this be indicative of daily hunger, but mostly this very generous and nutritious food is another example of how awesome Kona’s Salvation Army is —everyday. The staff is in the trenches, quietly serving and responding to the specific needs and wishes of all ages in need.

We are so proud to have been part of this holiday giving and would just like people to understand that giving of your time or limited resources really does help your neighbor — year-round.

We have groups like Salvation Army to help show us the way.

Nancy Swartz