Wednesday | February 22, 2017
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Letters 11-9-13

Let’s strive for nation’s original ideals

I find it somewhat disturbing to witness the opposition to same-sex marriage.

I like to think that we, here in Hawaii, are a little more open-minded and accepting in our multicultural environment. Many of us see, and interact with, an incredible diversity of humanity on a daily basis. We come from a variety of backgrounds and cultures with a multitude of thoughts and attitudes.

The various arguments against same-sex marriage stem from prejudice and hate rather than acceptance and love. We live in a world of incredible variety and abundance. In order for us to prosper as individuals, a nation, and as humans, we must have tolerance for one another and this diversity, and strive for equality in how we treat one another. How can we truly be the land of the free when many of us would deny to others the same privileges we would grant ourselves? Any argument against same-sex marriage denies the very idea of equality and freedom.

Granting same-sex marriage harms no one, rather it would help to bring us closer to upholding the nation’s ideals that we are all created equal and with certain unalienable rights, among them, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These shouldn’t just be words; they should be ideals for which we truly strive and make efforts to reach.

Kurt Bell


Kill the same-sex marriage bill

What happened to truth and where did my planet go?

I watch the Legislature and I am so baffled. When do they believe they got hired/elected to debate science and theology? They were hired/elected to do what the people want them to do. Please remove the emotion from this discussion and do your job. Forget political correctness and guide yourselves by truth. You cannot change or redefine that. Thousands of Hawaii residents (your bosses, and only thousands instead of hundreds of thousands) have told you over and over again “We do not want this” and yet, you still debate this.

“King” Abercrombie has decreed that more than 400,000 Hawaii residents who live on the outer islands, do not deserve a chance to testify to this nonsense because of the special session he has called. Where has democracy fled because it seems to have left Hawaii ? You were hired/elected to do a job, do it. We don’t want you to “fix it,” we don’t want you to “amend it,” we want you to kill it. We just ask that you do your job. I would be ashamed if my name, my family, my legacy, were perpetuated with a description of derelicton of duty next to it, wouldn’t you?

Mark Ross