Saturday | November 18, 2017
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Letters 3-3-2013

In Hanohano’s defense

Since when is haole a racist slur?

I commend state Rep. Faye Hanohano in her efforts to support the Native Hawaiian community involved in the arts.

I recently visited many of the public art in Hawaii and found that not only are an overwhelming number of artists not Hawaiian, many take liberties with the sacred concepts of the Hawaiian culture.

I also commend her for reaching out to HSFCA and seeking additional training from EEOC.

However, I am appalled that Ms. Smith of HSFCA has not chosen to reciprocate in-kind to better understand the cultures and history of Hawaii.

She was quoted as saying: “We’re moving forward. We feel that she has made sufficient effort. And it’s good. That’s aloha. That’s aloha.”

Ms. Laird grew up on the mainland and was educated in England. What gives her the right to define what aloha is?

If she knew more about the Hawaii’s culture and history, she would know that haole is not a racial slur.

Lottie Tagupa


Police complaint

Waste of department’s limited resources

I’m not sure what Jennifer Carlton meant by “HPD’s finests’ failure to do their job.”

Perhaps she is not aware that our Hawaii County Police Department is enforcing marijuana laws as its lowest priority.

While public drinking is not exactly a good thing, it is not the same as public drunkenness.

The police have much more important matters that require their attention than some people smoking a joint and drinking some beers.

Who was being hurt by what these people were doing? Only Jennifer Carlton’s sensitivities.

Maybe if Jennifer Carlton would smoke some pot and have a glass of chardonnay once in a while she might not be so uptight.

Please, do not waste the police department’s limited resources with petty complaints.

William Robards