Sunday | October 22, 2017
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Letters 4-14-13

Bad drivers

Is getting somewhere really worth killing someone?

Today, as I was driving north past Kohanaiki Industrial Park, the driver of a blue sedan, not paying attention, pulled out onto the highway while still looking the other way and almost crashed into my daughter’s side of the car. Because of the traffic, and the fact that I hate driving past that intersection, I wasn’t up to the speed limit.

This is the second time in about a month, and the third time in about six months that drivers, whether not paying attention or in too much of a hurry to care, almost crashed into me. The last incident happened when a white 4-Runner didn’t have patience enough to let one car pass before moving out of the merge lane at the Honokohau gas station, and instead, drove onto the highway through the intersection. Again almost crashing into my daughter’s side of the car.

Is getting somewhere really worth killing someone? You get in an accident, you’re not going anywhere. Not to mention the headache you’ll have for the rest of your life because you killed a kid.

Please pay attention when you’re behind the wheel. Driving defensively is way easier, and a lot less deadly than not.

Kalehua J. Perry


Cold pool

Charge for use so it can be maintained

The Kona Community Aquatic Center is a fantastic facility.

When I moved here in 2005, I immediately started using the pool. I was so surprised to learn that there was no fee. Now, I have learned that a portion of my taxes are used for this purpose.

Over these eight years, the aquatic center has been very sporadic in regard to the water temperature of the pool and of the locker showers. During the winter months, the temperature of the pool is debilitating. Many stop using it during these months. In the past, we have had cold showers but, luckily, this season the temperature of the showers has been very good. I have noticed that there is a campaign to raise money to heat the pool.

A solution would be to charge people to use the pool. I know that having it free for residents and for keiki is very important to the state. Perhaps, just start by charging those who are nonresidents.

I have talked with women in the locker area who are visiting and they cannot believe that there is no charge. As an Hawaii resident, I do not mind paying the taxes for pool use and would even be willing to pay a fee (if there would be a guarantee of warmer water). But, I do not feel that I should be paying for out-of-state guests. No other facility offers free swimming. There are so many expenses connected to operating a pool that there needs to be steady income in order to maintain it.

Users could come through one entrance — show a Hawaii ID for free admission or be charged for using/maintaining the pool. This revenue could be used to help heat the pool and for other maintenance issues. The center cannot continue to operate as it has in the past. It just will not work.

Please consider my request and check into the feasibility of charging to use the Kona Community Aquatic Center.

Linda Takai