Tuesday | November 21, 2017
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Letters 6-13-13


Appointment should follow the charter

Regarding the letters to the editor appearing Sunday: I believe the issue regarding the qualifications of the director of the Department of Environmental Management is more than a simple choice of this or that.

The provisions of the County Charter must be adhered to. Even if the charter permits discretionary exceptions within the context of the law, the fundamentally right thing to do is to abide by a due process in selecting the most qualified candidate from among those who are seeking to fill that position.

The directorship of Environment Management requires a high degree of leadership ability and knowledge of environmental and civil engineering, earth science and codes related to water sanitation, land use or waste products management. This is a discipline requiring knowledge of many principles.

I believe a process to determine the best candidate is to advertise for bids asking for a statement of qualifications from the applicants who really desire and can manage our precious environment. A set of criteria would be used to evaluate the capabilities of the applicants and then select the most qualified. A selection committee would recommend the most qualified person for approval by the mayor and council.

Appointment by the mayor and approval by the county council with the right ingredients and continuity of a well-functioning system would work until a new regime takes over. Then, the issue of qualifications is perhaps recycled.

Harold Murata