Wednesday | February 22, 2017
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Letters 6-29-13

An open letter to our leaders

To America’s “leaders:”

As a keen student of history, I have watched the last 30 years with amazement as you and your predecessors in office have lied, schemed and betrayed the principles and hopes of our country’s citizens. In the past, we, as a nation, could afford the relative minor lapses of judgment, venial crimes, sexual aberrations and the like. The degradation of the public trust seemed at the time relatively minor. That is no longer the case. The public well-being can not afford the deep distrust and even disgust that our people hold in Congress and government.

The treachery of the passing of the original Patriot Act is a case in point. Congress, in essence, betrayed its collective oath of office to uphold the Constitution of the United States. And, to heap further dishonor on that oath, passed a supplemental addition, Patriot Act II. Your willingness to bring “aggressive war” to Iraq is an international crime as is the passive acceptance of killing people by drones in yet another undeclared war. Your total abrogation of the responsibilities you swore to uphold when taking office is considered by some, including me, to be treason.

The siphoning of wealth into the hands of the few, aided and abetted by you and your peers, has delivered a blow to our people that probably will not be healed. The dismantling of the various banking safeguards has assured a large segment of our young people will never have decent educations or decent jobs. The systematic attacks on our personal freedoms have made a mockery of the living and dead veterans who fought, were maimed or died in defense of those same freedoms.

The use of foreign aid makes a mockery of our principles and precepts; for instance, $1.3 billion to Egypt where the government is killing people to lessen dissent, allowing (and instigating) pogroms against Copts and other religious groups. And now, Congress is hastily forming committees to “investigate” (Benghazi, the IRS). These sideshows you are using to divert attention from you not doing your job.

The persecution of whistleblowers is yet another case in point. We, as citizens of the United States, have no idea what our government does without whistleblowers. They provide, in the absence of journalism, the needed backstop to government malfeasance. Yet, in spite of laws to the contrary, they are hunted, fired, sued, accused of treason, jailed.

In short, you, collectively, are a disgrace and may have, in your stark incompetence, injured our country. In the words of Jon Stewart “You are harming America.”

Harvey W. McDaniel