Friday | December 15, 2017
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Letters 9-15-13

Trash issue is an islandwide problem

“Here we go again with the Hilo boys trying to shove their garbage down West Hawaii’s throats” — the first line of a letter Leah Loret Snyder wrote and West Hawaii Today printed in its Sept. 12 edition. Her letter was undoubtedly written with the intent of stirring up discontent among those who see the trash problem as an island problem and further divide the island on the issue of trash.

It may be true that the last council voted to prohibit hauling trash across the island. That same council also did nothing to solve the trash problem accept promote building another landfill in Hilo where the yearly rainfall combined with the Clean Water Act would have forever obligated our county with a financial burden beyond reason, just to keep Hilo’s trash in Hilo.

In the 1960s and ’70s, there was talk about keeping California’s trash in California but people quickly realized that trash was but a small part of what was moving to Hawaii and for the most part, we have all adjusted to living on this island together. So identify the Hilo boys and maybe the Hilo boys will identify the California trash?

Ms. Snyder’s suggestion on dealing with the trash is nothing new, however, her conclusion that it would “help preserve the beautiful environment in which some of us live, vacation and spend our money” sounds somewhat “exclusive.”

What does she think the rest of us who were born and raised here have been doing and continue to do?

Leningrad Elarionoff