Thursday | May 05, 2016
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Letters 9-20-13

New fishery rules would protect sharks

The Department of Land and Natural Resources employee quoted in your story about the misguided youth who posted a video of himself and his friends tormenting a tiger shark considered as “ohana” by some members of the Honokohau Harbor community was correct in stating that fishing for sharks is not illegal. However, he failed to mention that the young man was not breaking the law only because the DLNR has been dragging its feet in getting the West Hawaii rules package over to the governor for his signature.

The rules, which include a prohibition on taking tiger sharks, were vetted through our local community-based resource management process years ago, stalled for years by the DLNR, and finally passed by the Board of Land and Natural Resources earlier this summer. All that remains is for the governor to sign them into law. These rules will also protect other species, including whale sharks, eagle rays and rare endemic Hawaiian reef fish, as well as reduce user conflicts. However, the DLNR seems in no hurry to protect our ocean resources.

Gov. Neil Abercrombie is already campaigning for re-election. Citizens who care about our marine environment can let him know that if he wants votes from West Hawaii, he should sign the fishery rules into law as soon as possible.

Doug Perrine


Proposed development adds to reef worries

We couldn’t agree more with “Just say no to more Kahaluu development.”

Time shares usually have two to four occupants, so that’s a potential 642 or 1,284 people per week coming to snorkel and play at our beloved Kahaluu Beach.

How will the reef survive all those visitors who stand on the coral?

MaryAnne Seibert

and John Hamm