Saturday | November 18, 2017
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Resor shines at FPP race

Frozen Pea Productions held its annual Peaman’s Red, White and Blue Biathlon at Kailua Pier on Sunday.

This month’s biathlon course began in the waters of Kailua Bay, where the pea-ticipants swam to the half-mile buoy and back to finish the half-mile swim. The pea-ticipants then laced up their running shoes and ran along scenic Alii Drive to the turnaround at Kona Sea Ridge Resort before sprinting back to the pier to complete the 3.5-mile run.

The water was clear yet chilly; the partial cloud cover helped the runners stay cool on a summer morning.

James Resor sprinted across the finish line in first place, finishing in a speedy total time of 38 minutes, 24 seconds. Eric Ellefson placed second (38:59), and Greg Beerling was third (39:25).

Rani Henderson finished 10th overall and first for the women in an outstanding total time of 41:10. Winona Chen placed second (46:55), and Heather Barnhill was third (47:06).

The team Cat Woman and Qwan Nguyen took first in the Split Peas division with an amazing time of 37:04. Elastic Man and Jason Beer were right on their heels in 37:21 to claim second. The team of Wonder Woman and Chico Barrios earned third (41:06).

Those who competed in the Pea-wee race had a slightly different course — a 200-yard swim in Kailua Bay followed by a one-mile run along Alii Drive.

Nophia Pintor won the Pea-wee race in 12:28. Keakoa Pintor was close behind to take second, and Lainey Eckart claimed third (12:46).

In the Pea-wee Split Pea race, the team of Superman and Xitlalitl Reyes finished first in 12:37. Wonder Woman and Kainoa Chesler took second in 12:40 while the team of BatMan and A.J. Silva placed third (14:10).

For those who only competed in the 1/2-mile swim, Lily Castro ran up the beach in first with a time of 15:49. Second place was earned by Teresa Silva, 19:49, and Andrew Lane claimed third, 20:57.

Congratulations to all who participated in this month’s Frozen Pea Productions race. You all had pea-tastic performances, and we hope to see you all out there next month.

On Sunday, Team Mango Races will host its annual Trashcan Triathlon. This fun race gets the athletes to clean up Kailua-Kona as they race.

How? With every piece of trash you bring in, you get time deducted from your finishing time. The course for this training race includes a half-mile swim, a 10-mile bike ride and a three-mile run. An annual membership to Club Team Mango or a single event membership is required. For more information, please go to

Hope to see you all out there. Until next time, happy training.