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Big Fish List | 4-22-14

April 22, 2014 - 8:16am

This list recognizes the biggest fish caught on rod and reel (except opakapaka and onaga, for which we’ll accept hand line catches) in West Hawaii waters for 2014 in each of 22 categories. They are listed by species, weight, angler, skipper, boat and date.

The list is updated every Sunday throughout the year (copyright 2014 by Jim Rizzuto). If we have overlooked you, give us a call (885-4208) or send an email (

Blue marlin: 1,211, Robert Steffens, Capt. David Unger, Nasty Habit. March 27

Black marlin: 161, Scott Wnuck, Capt. Guy Terwilliger, High Flier. Jan. 10

Ahi: 220.5, Brett Lockard, Capt. Matt Bowman, Northern Lights. April 9

Bigeye tuna: 108, Matthew Bolton, Kehele. Jan 16

Striped marlin: 114.5, John Dieckman, Capt. Tobin Hudgins, Silky. April 16

Spearfish: 49.5, Gwen Stutheit, Capt. Don Stutheit, Kona Spirit. Feb. 26

Sailfish: 105.5, Peter Blake, TLC 2. Jan. 25

Mahimahi: 47, Doug Olson, Capt. Bomboy Llanes, Lana Kila. Jan. 26

Ono: 75, Keith Olson, Capt. Kenny Llanes, Vixen. Feb. 13

Kaku (barracuda): 21, Sarah Murphy, Lena Kai, Feb. 6

Kahala (amberjack): vacant

Ulua (giant trevally): 100.5 (tie). Mitchell Izuno, Shoreline. Jan. 19. Michael Ragas, Capt. Jeff Rogers, Aloha Kai. April 18.

Omilu (bluefin trevally): 14.6, Bruce Lentz, Shoreline. April 16.

Aku (skipjack tuna): 28, Betsy Wheeler, Capt. Chad Contessa, Bite Me I. Feb. 28

Broadbill swordfish: vacant

Ahipalaha (albacore): vacant

Kawakawa: 21, Mark Andrews, Donna Mae. Jan 10

Kamanu (rainbow runner): 16, Shawn Zenor, kayak. Jan. 9

Opakapaka (pink snapper): vacant

Onaga (ulaula koaie): vacant

Uku (gray snapper): vacant

c Oio (bonefish): 10, Brandon Lopes, Shoreline, Feb. 16

Catch report

Catch information courtesy of Shawna Haynes of the charter desk at Kona Marina (329-5735).

If you catch a fish on rod and reel in West Hawaii waters bigger than one on the list, take it to the fuel dock to be weighed and recorded.

If you weighed it somewhere else, call me at 885-4208 and leave a message. A complete list of June billfish catches will be in the August issue of Hawaii Fishing News.

Beasts of the week

Marlin weighing 500 pounds or more

April 15: Blue marlin (524.5) Chris Olson, Capt. Al Gustavson, Topshape

Tag and release

April 13: Blue marlin (450) Bo Godfrey, Capt. Shane O’Brien, Strong Persuader

April 13: Blue marlin (450) Unknown, Capt. Kevin Nakamaru, Northern Lights

April 14: Spearfish (25) James Sweeney, (28) Peter Egley, Capt. Gene Vanderhoek, Sea Genie II

April 14: Spearfish (45) Joe Walker, Capt. Sam Choy, Salty Dog

April 15: Spearfish (30) John Davidson, (30) Peter Egley, Capt. Gene Vanderhoek, Sea Genie II

April 16: Blue marlin (125) Unknown, Capt. Jeff Metzler, Anxious

April 18: Blue marlin (450) Daron Castoro, Capt. Chris Bays, Raven

April 18: Blue marlin (450) Lance Westing, Capt. John Wilson, Lawaia

April 18: Spearfish (30) James Chen, Capt. Gene Vanderhoek, Sea Genie II

April 19: Blue marlin (500) Ron Buraglia, Capt. Steve Deboer, Therapy

Notable catches

April 13: Ono (59) Kalani Aipia, Small Kine

April 13: Mahimahi (25) Stretch Fogarty, Capt. Kenny Fogarty, Makana Lani

April 13: Spearfish (35) Lonnie Carlson, Capt. Jeff Heintz, Linda Sue III

April 13: Mahimahi (18 and 30) John Patterson, Capt. Marlin Parker, Marlin Magic II

April 14: Omilu (23) Kanoa Llanes, Speared

April 14: Spearfish (32 and 44) John Patterson, Capt. Marlin Parker, Marlin Magic II

April 15: Blue marlin (422.5) Patrick McKinnon, Capt. McGrew Rice, Ihu Nui

April 15: Bigeye tuna (8 fish from 73 to 100 pounds) Cross/Cash/Rigsby, Capt. Jeff Heintz, Linda Sue III

April 15: Spearfish (32) Davin Isakson, Capt. Tim Hicks, Illusions

April 15: Spearfish (30) Arthur Mosgofian, Capt. Kent Mongreig, Sea Wife II

April 15: Ahi (100) John Patterson, Capt. Marlin Parker, Marlin Magic II

April 15: Bigeye tuna (56 and 56) Jeff Alberts/Garrett Nishihara, Speared

April 16: Ahi (135.5) Carol Herren, Capt. Bruce Herren, Raptor

April 16: Striped marlin (114.5) John Dieckman, mahimahi (12, 16 and 18) John/Angela Dieckman, Capt. Tobin Hudgins, Silky

April 16: Spearfish (25) Parke Beroltzheimer, Capt. Marlin Parker, Marlin Magic II

April 16: Spearfish (30) Unknown, Capt. Al Gustavson, Topshape

April 16: Ahi (103, 138, and 142.5) Todd Kelly, Capt. Russ NItta, Lepika

April 17: Spearfish (29.5) Shawna Haynes, Capt. Guy Terwilliger, High Flier

April 17: Mahimahi (22) Aaron Mindell, Capt. Marlin Parker, Marlin Magic II

April 17: Ahi (154) Rick DaCoffee, Capt. Russ Nitta, Lepika

April 18: Blue marlin (360) Phill Uphold, Capt. Jeff Heintz, LInda Sue III

April 18: Ulua (100.5) Michael Ragas, Capt. Jeff Rogers, Aloha Kai

April 18: Blue marlin (410) Teri Topping, Capt. Tobin Hudgins, Silky

April 19: Mahimahi (25 and 25) Jerry/Crystal Gray, Capt. Dennis Cintas, Tropical Sun

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