Letters: 12-31-16

Trumps big spenders, not Obamas


Trumps big spenders, not Obamas

Your headline and the article’s first several paragraphs suggest that the Obamas are spending unusual amounts of money on their Hawaii vacation. Not until the seventh paragraph, buried on page 7, do you mention that the president-elect’s Thanksgiving vacation — four days, at his own property — cost twice as much as the Obamas’ trip to Hawaii.

And nowhere in the article do you mention that the Trump family’s aerie in New York City is costing the nation $1,000,000 per day, and will continue to do so as long as Mrs. Trump and her son remain there instead of moving to the apparently sub-standard public housing provided by the taxpayers — the White House.

Your coverage is anything but objective, and your idea of what constitutes news is ludicrous.

Naomi Weisberg Siegel

Pittsburgh, Pa.

Prez-elect sets bad example

I read with interest the article about youthful brawls breaking out in malls across America. The conclusion was that kids have too much free time during the holiday break. What?!

We kupuna had the same amount of time when we were young and did not do this. Our children had that time and they did not do it. So what has really changed to make this happen? Could it be the bullying example set by our president-elect (who is a bully and advocates violence against those who do not support him), which has been spewed to us daily making national news for months and months on end?

Ask schoolteachers across the country. Bullying has increased tremendously. I believe there may be a direct correlation between this violent behavior and the news that constantly inundates us with the name calling, anger, and just plain negativity from the president-elect.


Cindy Whitehawk

South Kona