Letters to the editor: 10-11-17

Electoral College has to go


Electoral College has to go

Thank you, Alan Silverman and John Pierce, for pointing out that probably the most important word in the Second Amendment is “regulated.” Therefore, if someone is against any and all regulation of guns and the people who own them, they do not really believe in the Constitution, even though you might get Supreme Court gods to agree.

Mitch said it is too soon but obviously it is too late. Please, oh, please, do not have a convention of states. Why make a bad democracy worse?

How am I going to be represented there? I am already not represented by the president, who in my opinion lost by 3 million votes. In the words of the international election observer, “if we found a system like this anywhere else in the world we would say ‘you cannot do it that way.’”

The only true election is when the ballots are counted nationwide on election day and the person with the most votes wins! No X by someone’s name and it not counting for that person, and no ‘this will be decided later,’ thus saying your vote did not count for anything — how wrong can we be?

There is a better way, called democracy: one person, one vote. Did anyone ever hear of such a concept? Certainly not the Founding Fathers. The question should be put to the people on the 2018 ballot. Should the presidency be decided by an electoral college or by one person, one vote? Any changing of the Constitution without the vote of everyone will be more sham unrepresentation.

Ken Moerk


Agreed, now do it

Finally, Donald Trump has said something that I totally agree with. He should definitely take an I.Q. test.

David Janeway


Ferals destroy protected wildlife

I agree with Marie Morin that we need to support the DLNR’s new rules for regulating and removing feral cats, dogs and mongooses from our harbors.

This is at least a good start. There should be a large fine against people feeding these animals on public property. The other day I watched the “feeding station” at Honokohau Harbor while many cats and quite a few mongooses fed from a huge pile of cat food. They all ate together and I’m sure the rats finished up after the cats and mongooses left.

All these animals kill our native birds. She named a few birds such as the Hawaiian stilt and Hawaiian coots but the Hawaiian night herons and in the past the Koloa (Hawaiian duck) and nene lived in the area along the beaches. There are big fines when people hurt seals and sea turtles. Why isn’t supporting the feral populations of cat, mongooses, rats and dogs that also harm these endangered animals being fined, too?


Pat Hall