Letters to the editor: 11-19-17

Dangerous dog likely just protective mom

The fact that there were puppies taken leads me to believe the mama dog was protecting her babies, although I’m very sorry to hear the humane society worker was injured.


I’m just offering a possible/probable reason for the dog to react as she did.

Claudia Steffen

Captain Cook

Article shows bias

The article entitled “An impeachment primer” was interesting in several ways.

It seemed to start out being fairly accurate, but before the first paragraph was finished showed that there was a “slight” bias (can’t impeach for thinking he is mentally unstable). While the procedure for impeachment does follow what is in the Constitution, much of the article reflects the author’s own views on the current situation. Without stating any proof, she says that the New York Times has joined with Antifa — a radical group that every non-Trump supporter that I’m aware of or news media that is followed by many people, strongly denounces their methods and actions. They are not welcomed at any demonstration.

She criticizes Tom Steyer for his impeach Trump ads, stating that he is working on forcing Democrats to push for impeachment to continue to receive his donations. Could it be that he is actually trying to get people to look at the whole situation? It seems that providing extremely classified information to representatives of a hostile country (Russia) should be classified as a treasonable act, one that would meet the impeachment criteria.

At the end of the article it is suggested that the goal is to “nullify the election and to hell with the electorate and our democratic process.” Since there is increasing (and very damning) evidence that Trump’s immediate family and members of his campaign staff actively sought out and worked with various Russian representatives and WikiLeaks person Julian Assange during the campaign to obtain and distribute stolen information that could be used against Hillary Clinton; this showed total disdain for our democratic process, the voters and complete disregard for the rule of law.

This article was an insult to my intelligence. Ignoring the mounting evidence of foreign involvement, attempted voter tampering in at least 21 states and the concerted effort to obstruct the investigation leads one to believe that the article was just a white-wash of an extremely corrupt administration. No one is exempt from the rule of law, even the President, and a main concern should be working to prevent this from happening again — not how to shut down the investigation.


John Pierce