Letters to the editor: 12-20-17

Student essay teaches us

I would like to respond to Noa Baggs’ essay on Americanism in the Dec. 18 West Hawaii Today. Congratulations to him, his parents and teachers for this amazing essay he wrote.


I am from the World War II generation and to read this coming from a young person now is enlightening and does give one hope for the future.

Most of the people who sit in Washington, D.C., in various positions could be enlightened by this young man. In fact, I hope his teachers and parents consider forwarding it on to some of them. Also, thank you to the VFW who provides this promotion.

Anita B Labertew

Ocean View

It’s party time on Wall Street

The stock market has added $6 trillion since Donald Trump took office, reaching new highs more than 80 times. Now with the Republican tax “reform,” corporations will have a huge infusion of extra cash, which they say they will return to their shareholders.

And rich people will have to park their new personal tax windfall (coming partly at the expense of working people) someplace; why not put it in the stock market as it gets ever frothier under Trump’s rollback of Wall Street regulation?

What is it about the word bubble that Republicans don’t understand? They are walking over the same cliff they walked over in 1929 and 2007. Only this time, their tax cuts have added $1 trillion, and probably twice that, to the deficit.

There won’t be any funds available for the next Democratic president to bail the nation out, as Roosevelt and Obama were forced to do. Market collapses don’t bother the billionaire class. That’s when they buy up foreclosed properties on the cheap. And ease their consciences by contributing to soup kitchens and bread lines.

Party on, Republicans.


David Polhemus