Letters to the Editor: 12-21-17

Mahalo to all who assisted

On Tuesday, Dec. 12, I was riding my bicycle on Queen Kaahumanu Highway as I do most mornings. Because of the construction area south of Hina Lani Street, I decided to ride on the new concrete gutters that were just installed because the auto traffic is squeezed very close to the shoulder where bikes normally ride. As I tried to jump up onto the gutter, my front tire deflected to the left and I went flying over the handlebars. That is all I remember until I remember until I was being strapped onto the gurney in the fire department ambulance.


I want to send out a very sincere mahalo to the motorists who stopped to help me and call 911. Sorry, I don’t remember any of that. Secondly, a big mahalo to the members of the Kona fire department ambulance team. They were very professional and kind. Thirdly, another big mahalo to the doctors and staff at the Kona Community Hospital especially Dr. McCandless and the on-duty nurses. They were great.

I came out of the crash with a concussion, a fractured clavicle, a couple of cracked ribs and laceration to my head just below where my helmet sits. I was very fortunate because I’ve had five of my cervical vertebra fused and the wreck did not harm my neck. When you are 77, you don’t heal too rapidly and I am still very sore.

Another big mahalo to the gentlemen at the Goodfellows Bros. office who retrieved and stored my bike, helmet and glasses until friends could pick them up. And yes, I plan to be back on my bike after I heal up!


Jan Messersmith