Letters to the editor: 12-29-17

Sewer mess needs real leadership

A $1.75 billion problem? Giant wastewater treatment plants? Thousands of homeowners forced to pay sewerage dues for decades to come?


Politicians and bureaucrats need to get their heads out of the sewer pipe and implement cheaper, faster and cleaners way to deal with the cesspoop [sic] crisis. Composting toilets and graywater systems!

Until some real leadership with guts moves to solve this problem quickly and effectively, just remember every time you go swimming in Puako, Kailua-Kona, Hilo or Kapoho, what’s gonna be floating along with you.

Shawn James Leavey


Arctic drilling not the answer

I agree with Brad Meiklejohn when he wrote that we, Americans, do not need oil from the Arctic region.

There was already a good reminder when the incident happened in the Gulf region but if it happens where there are no people to see it, all the pristine wilderness and the animals will lose their habitat.

I thought Americans were smart and moving away from fossil fuels. Drilling in the Arctic is a big step backward and not what intelligent Americans would do.


Colleen Miyose-Wallis