Letters to the editor: 01-15-18

WHT editorial misplaces blame

It’s certainly no secret that WHT exhibits a discernible liberal bent in its selection of articles, columns and opinions. It’s not difficult to find anti-Trump messages littered throughout virtually every edition, all from predictable sources.


And when your editorial opinion places the blame for the erroneous missile attack message on the president and not on the incompetent buffoon that pushed the button (twice), you really expose the absurdity of the lengths you will go to in furthering the liberal agenda.

It might be worthwhile to reflect on the fact that a good number of your readers may or may not support the president, but would certainly appreciate a balanced approach to the news.

Your opinions, however, are your own, and I, and many of your shrinking readership, think you’re nuts.

John Bingham


Fear mongering brings childhood flashbacks

This incoming missile hoax brought back memories from the past. During my youth in the 1950s and 1960s, we were fed a near daily diet of horror stories about the evil Russian communists.

We would be herded into auditoriums to watch movies about how bad these people were. A map of the world would appear on the screen so we would see red arrows coming out of Russia to grab Poland, Hungary, East Germany, etc. Then, another arrow was coming across the Atlantic to grab Cuba. We were told about their atomic bombs and how we would be down wind if the San Francisco Bay area was attacked. Therefore, we would be dosed with radiation and die a horrible death.

We were shown how to hide under our desks in case of a nuclear attack. This, of course, was all propaganda designed by our government to keep the masses scared. A frightened population is a patriotic population.

With this fear instilled, people are very much more inclined to shovel money into the military and their cronies to “protect” us. Many of the youth, including myself, had nightmares of atomic war. I cannot find it within myself to forgive our government for instilling this totally unnecessary fear into the minds of our innocent children.

And, now, they are doing it again.

Tim Schutt

Ocean View

Was missile alert really a mistake?

In the back of my mind is the thought that the accidental test of incoming missile notification was not accidental at all. Rather, it was a test to see what the response would be to the alert. Can you imagine the fallout (just a pun) if that were posted in New York City?

I say that because I am interested in hearing the excuses given for the alert. In today’s world, even someone with half their brain tied behind their back wouldn’t design such a system without adequate multiple fail-safes. Yet, it apparently happened. So now we will see a new improved design to include some alternative safeguards, the responsible parties working hard to show how they are protecting us and keeping us from needless anxiety.

Too late. Chicken Little has already done its damage. This is not a drill. Yes it was. If not, then our country is in bigger trouble than can be imagined. We must all realize that control of all future events is in the hands of computer programmers; not politicians, not Wall Street moguls, not military generals, not farmers, not industry, and not even activists unless they have a group of hackers working for them.

Sleep well.


Mike Reimer