Letters to the Editor: 1-16-18

Accountability needed after false threat

The false alert to an incoming missile we received Saturday (Jan. 13) was unacceptable.


I believe it constitutes an assault and terror attack on the people of Hawaii, and hope to explore all means to prevent a similar or repeat occurrence. I believe we should work collectively to determine who exactly issued this false threat, their intent, remove them from office or position of employment in federal or Hawaii State government, and class action litigate, as well as file criminal charges against them.

There is no preparing for a nuclear exchange, we will suffer or die sooner or later, should it happen. We do not have the means to prepare adequately for a nuclear exchange in the Hawaiian Islands, and therefore these sirens and false incoming alerts constitute not only disturbing the peace of our lives but a criminal act.

Best we act accordingly to not only prevent a re-occurrence, but punish those responsible for this most recent event.

Unacceptable. Respectfully and with Aloha.

Jay Failing


Leave the job to the pros

The Hawaii State government that has the “Button” shouldn’t have a button at all. The state has no control of detecting an attack, they only get it second hand.

The military at USPACOM (United States Pacific Command on Oahu) is the only source. The state has to leave the job to the professionals not the elected idiots.

Also, this is something you don’t “get to the bottom of this,” this is something that needs to chop at the top, starting with (Gov. David) Ige resigning! This stinks of a cover up.


James Wiese