Letters to the editor: 01-18-18

Comments shouldn’t be on stories

I am requesting that West Hawaii Today change its formatting. I receive my subscription online.


I like reading the articles of interest to me and particularly appreciate the connection to local news. I hate the opinions that follow the articles. It appears to me that it is an opportunity for passive-aggressive, inarticulate people to have their opposition views published.

Could the opinions that are posted be put on an opinion page and not directly follow the article? Thanks for your consideration.

Pat Todd

Captain Cook

Learn from false alarm

In my opinion we caught a lucky break. Now we have a chance to correct the system.

My first reaction was, “What do I do?”

My second reaction was to turn on my TV for instructions.

My third reaction was text my out-of-state children to let them know.

My fourth reaction was, “Wait a minute, North Korea would go after Honolulu where most of the people live. On the other hand, maybe their aim is off.”

We are lucky for this second chance to fix problems. If we fire all the people responsible for the false alarm, think how long it would take to find and hire capable people. How long for them to learn the system and get up to speed? How long would it take them to develop new protocols?

Keep the people we have and let them fix what went wrong. They have a head start. Stop trashing them and start developing you own plan so you will know how to respond if the next alarm is real!

Annette Kittleson


God is your cover

Imminent disaster? Take cover? Yes. God is our only cover. No one comes to him but through Jesus.

Be ready. Be at peace. “Whoever listens to me will live in safety and be at ease, without fear of harm.” Proverbs 1:33.

Suzanne Field


Layman’s thoughts on Waikoloa costs

Richard Gillette corrects Roger Hansen’s remarks about cost and increases in Waikoloa — 48 percent to 28 percent.

Since I moved to the Village, my association dues have increased twofold — $400 to $816.50 from 2001 to 2018.

My way of thinking is, if you cannot make a business work in 10 years, go look for another job. Waikoloa Village is for everyone, not just for those who move in from elsewhere to change how we live.

James Pruett


We are to blame, too

I totally agree with Tulsi Gabbard demanding our buffoon in chief use diplomacy to defuse the North Korea nuclear crisis.

In our daily lives do any conflicts get resolved by hurling insults at the offending party? Of course not. So where are we now? Because the country chooses to let Trump act out his disastrous behavior we all have become responsible for his actions, and rightfully so, on the world stage.

At this point, it is only fair that the federal government allocate funding for every household to build a credible nuclear bomb shelter with air filtering and food storage.

His lies and petty behavior are putting us all in harm’s way. I put the blame on our elected politicians for not ending an extremely bad mooning of the world by Trump.


Steve Snyder