Letters to the editor: 01-24-18

They’re moving all right

In Saturday’s newspaper letter to the editor, Henry Scroggin nailed it perfectly. He said that Trump is keeping his promise, especially where he said, “many great corporations are making the moves.”


Yes, Mr. Scroggin, you are right! Carrier Corp. of Indianapolis where they make air conditioning, heating and related equipment is making a move — to Mexico, that is! By closing this plant and another nearby facility they are laying off 2,100 people.

Vicky Halquist


Remember legislator’s attitude when voting later this year

I’m replying to the Jan. 21 article on raising the general excise tax. Sen. Lorraine Inouye said of county officials, “they asked us to help them and my suggestion is to go ahead and raise taxes.”

The TAT is no longer the county’s second-highest source of revenue due to the TAT money grab to fund Honolulu’s rail system and Inouye thinks Hawaii County should raise its GET, which is the most regressive tax there is in a county that has many families struggling without even basic infrastructure.

The primary election is coming in August and the general elections in November. Remember her attitude and vote her out in August.

Leslie Iijima


Letters should offer solutions to problems

I would like to commend WHT for publishing Pete Webber’s letter on Jan. 22. This represents exactly the type of letter that is appropriate for a small town newspaper — one that offers a solution to a local problem.

There is an additional easy and inexpensive improvement that would ameliorate the frequent snarls at the Lako Street and Kuakini Highway intersection — restriping turn lanes. The rarely used and unnecessary left turn below the light for traffic headed downhill on Lako Street turning south onto Kupuna Street should be eliminated, and this space used to extend the much too short left turn lane for traffic headed uphill on Lako turning north onto Kuakini Highway.

At present, this left-turning traffic backs up and blocks the primary lane on Lako, preventing all cars that are not turning left from reaching the intersection. Secondly, the left turn lane for north-bound traffic on Kuakini to turn left onto Lako makai should be extended.

There is a lot of room to do this — with much of it just striped off to prevent use. At present, cars hoping to turn left onto Lako cannot reach the turn lane, even though it may be empty, because traffic is backed up on the south side of the intersection well beyond the entry into the left turn lane. These drivers must helplessly watch the protected turn signal come and go (often unused) and then sit through another light cycle after they are finally able to get into the lane.

These two small improvements would improve traffic flow and reduce driver frustration, which can lead to worse problems. They won’t do as much as, say, building Alii Highway, or four-laning Kuakini, but they could theoretically be done very quickly and cheaply.


Doug Perrine