DMV should serve public, not demean it

My daughter and I recently went to the DMV for a renewal of her Hawaii driver’s license. We are 30-year residents on the west side of Hawaii, so this wasn’t the first time we have renewed our licenses.

This letter is a demonstration of the overall attitude of the employees there at the Kailua-Kona office and in particular one employee.


After waiting in a lengthy line to speak with the “greeter,” we found her to be rude, condescending, offensive, asked to be respected, and was an overall excellent example of how any individual put into a position of power (albeit very small power), can show partiality and prejudice to whomever she desires.

Granted, this was now the third time we had waited in that long line and at each encounter, we were told different information was needed for the required proper documentation needed to renew a Hawaii driver’s license.

While waiting in the lengthy line, we encountered other individuals who had experienced the same disdain as ourselves.

My questions are these: Why can’t those who are placed in public servant positions, hired by our county or state (whichever is relevant), speak to others in a kind, helpful and hospitable manner? No one enjoys waiting in that torturous line at the DMV, so why not hire efficient employees who can also be friendly while fulfilling their job requirements?

It is obvious that this one individual in particular had great disdain for her job by her poor display of people skills while accompanied by her love of putting individuals down while exerting her authority. We did not witness one single smile in that office, it appeared more like a morgue.


Please, state and county hiring agents, hire individuals who are not qualified only by their hardball attitudes, but by a real desire to be a helpful public servant.

Dorothy Walsh is a resident of Kealakekua