Letters to the editor: 02-04-18

Concert ever so uplifting

Beautiful. Inspiring. The concert Friday night at Mokuaikaua Church by the Kona Choral Society was a wonderful way to kick off African-American History Month.


The singers, under the direction of Susan McCreary Duprey, lifted our hearts as they sang spirituals, gospel music and more. Thanks also to Binti Bailey, who sang alone and with the chorus.

KCS brought joy to the hearts of all those who heard the music. Mahalo to all who sang and played on Friday.

Julie Young


Ability to fire could be tool to take over

The idea that Congress would even consider President Trump’s call to pass a law allowing cabinet secretaries to fire federal workers they believe are not good workers is dangerous.

A democratic government requires checks and balances to prevent political power from getting into the hands of a small, dominate group. Given presidential appointed cabinet secretaries the authority to fire is uncontrolled power leading to unrestrained government actions.

Giving uncontrolled power to fire is not a solution, but will become the problem if we allow it to happen.

Paul Love


Jokes aside, complain less

Mr. Olson thinks our water system is a joke. A problem, yes, but a joke, no.

We can point fingers and throw the blame here and there. Yes, there is a problem and I’m sure the powers that be are doing the best they can do to correct this problem. Sure, you can say this or that wasn’t done prior to this breakdown, but what good does that do?

Your only option is to allow the workers to do their job and give them support. I used to sell pumps to hotels and hospitals, state and county. Many times I have run into emergency situations that could not be fixed right away due to many factors, the biggest one being factory delays. And everyone from the chief engineer down to the mechanic feels the wrath from their customers, so this doesn’t help the situation — rather, it just causes hard feelings.

If you are so unhappy with the water shortage that it’s causing you to fall into a rage, then do like the rest of us and set up a catchment system. I’ve been on one for 20-plus years with a water bill of $180 a month. Do I complain about the cost? No, I appreciate the water.

Yes, Alaska surely, according to Mr. Olson, is much more advanced than Hawaii. What I don’t understand is why would you have to run away so many months of the year to come here and put my home down? Go back to — and stay in — your great Alaska and freeze your okole off.


Paul Santos

Ocean View