Gov’s order seeks to maintain net neutrality

  • Ige

HILO — Gov. David Ige signed an executive order Monday directing state agencies to do business only with internet providers willing to contractually “abide by net neutrality principles.”

According to Ige’s office, “net neutrality bans paid prioritization of content that is seen on the internet; bans filtering or blocking of content, thus ensuring consumers unfettered access to any lawful content on the internet; and bans throttling of internet speeds for accessing certain content, which would have the same effect as blocking content.”


The Federal Communications Commission voted Dec. 13, 2017, to discontinue its 2015 Open Internet Order, which had required net neutrality nationally.

“Net neutrality protects and promotes a fast, fair and open internet,” Ige’s office said in a statement. “It prohibits internet service providers from discriminating between content or users.”

After the December FCC decision, former Hawaii Attorney General Doug Chin joined 22 state attorneys general who filed a lawsuit to block the FCC from what the attorneys general called the “illegal rollback of net neutrality.”

Opponents of net neutrality say it stifles innovation because it prevents companies from choosing their preferred methods of operating.

Proponents of net neutrality, though, argue it keeps everyone on a level playing field in terms of access to information and availability of web service.


A University of Hawaii at Hilo spokesperson was not available late Monday. The state Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs declined comment.

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