Letters to the editor: 02-07-18

Don’t blame DMV employees

So sorry the ladies, Ms. Walsh and Davis each had such an agonizing time at the Department of Motor Vehicles. But then don’t we all? Unlike them, I do not blame the employees. We found them kind and helpful. I would certainly cut them a little slack considering what relentless jobs they have. I would imagine they must guide a great many disgruntled public applicants everyday, hours on end.


My husband and I went there to renew our driver’s licenses recently on a Thursday around 10 a.m. There were many others in line ahead of us and many, many more already seated on benches waiting. He peeked inside and could see only one employee attending at the business counter. After 1.5 hours, the greeter said we could have another two to three hours wait and that’s when my husband said to me, “we’re out of here.”

We came back at 7:20 a.m. Monday knowing the DMV opens at 8 a.m. There were already 20-plus people ahead of us in line. There seemed to be two employees indoors attending applicants. Whooooopeeeee. Two and a half hours later we were able to go home with our temporary licenses.

We found the employees pleasant and agreeable. I joked with them, “how is it that our politicians can grant themselves huge raises but not hire state employees where desperately, drastically needed?” I know that isn’t a joke, but it did break the ice to a pleasant conversation.

Renewing a license, even after having one here for 22 years, is a job of Sisyphus for us all, including employees. Let’s all try to keep calm.

Margaret Marceron


Hawaii should not be sanctuary state

Did you know that if you do not contact your state senator and state representative we may become a sanctuary state like California? The organization Hawaii J-20+ is visiting all of our state senators and representatives on a weekly basis to lobby them to pass Senate Bill 2290 and House Bill 1994, which will make Hawaii a sanctuary state.

The goal of J-20+ is to bring down our government by convincing you that our new president’s view on immigration should not be enforced. J-20+ was formed to oppose President Trump. Look at their website. The liberal left wants the State of Hawaii to not obey federal laws.

I do not want our state to be a sanctuary state. If you feel the same, contact you senator and representative to let them know that you oppose SB 2290 and HB 1994.


Peter Lee