Letters to the Editor 02-26-18

Hawaii is not America

For Hawaiians concerned about the risk of insane idiot President Donald Trump and the imperialist American government provoking a nuclear war with the peaceful Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) after the hoax alert we all received on our cellphones, there is one surefire way for the Hawaiian Islands to avoid being dragged into such a violent conflict.


If Hawaiians are serious about avoiding the horrors of nuclear war, we cannot depend on the American warmongers to do anything to protect us from that — in fact, the U.S. government is on a path to getting us all killed through the reckless actions of Trump.

The single way we can completely ensure that there will be no nuclear war in Hawaii is to demand independence and for the United States military to cease its illegal occupation that has gone on since 1893 and finally withdraw from the Hawaiian Islands.

An independent Hawaii can enter into peaceful diplomatic relations with the DPRK, build trade, and friendship between our nations. China would be glad to supply us with weapons to ensure Hawaiian self-defense, from another U.S. invasion. We must embrace socialism and put an end to capitalism, to help our own people.

Go home American soldiers, Hawaii is not America, and you are imperialist terrorist war criminals, therefore you are not welcome here.

Eric Hafner

Mountain View

Protecting life before birth but not after

Jim Koubele said in his letter on Feb. 21: “I’ve never heard of a gun going down the street and shooting someone.” But Jim, you have heard of cars going down the street and killing someone, I am sure of that. When we live in a society where it is easier to get a military-style gun than a driver’s license, it is time to re-examine our laws.

I have a relative who has borderline dementia and she is not permitted to drive. If you can’t pass the written test or the vision test you can’t get a driver’s license, but anyone in Florida, and in many other states, can walk into a gun shop or a gun show and buy a weapon capable of killing your kids, my grandkids, and my daughter and husband who are teachers.

The same politicians who fight to protect life before birth suddenly forget their “right to life” anthem once the child is born. What could be more crazy? I will tell you want is more crazy: the surviving students of the Valentine’s Day school massacre, sat and watched in tears while the Florida legislature considered pornographic magazines more dangerous than semi-automatic weapons. You never heard of porno magazines like ‘Penthouse’ and ‘Playboy’ walking down the street killing 17 people either.


Marian Hughes