Letters to the editor: 03-02-18

Fishing column fills huge void

I am a regular reader of WHT when I am here, about three to four months a year.

For years, my favorite day was Monday reading Jim Rizzuto’s fishing column. Mr. Rizzuto’s sad passing left a giant void. I hoped that someone would come along to fill that void.

I am pleased to see this has happened. My favorite day is now Wednesday reading Mark Johnston’s column, “Catching Up.” Mr. Johnston has a similar yet distinct writing style, which I very much enjoy.

Thank you, Mr. Johnston, for picking up the baton and running with it. I will look forward to the Wednesday edition for years to come.

Jim Burlington

Ocean View

Another old-timer surfer sees the same seas

Dave Chrisman’s letter explaining how common sense and looking about you disproves the existence of the fabricated tale of sea level rise was perfectly presented.

I wish that I had written it myself. I, too, am an old gray-beard surfer who first stepped off the rocks at Lymans point in 1974. I surfed there recently and the sea level was exactly the same now as then. Not long ago, I walked on the pier and saw that the water level against it was just where it had been when I worked on Captain Bob’s Glass Bottom Boat in 1975.

I spent my high school days surfing at the Huntington Beach Pier. I was there two weeks ago and the waves broke just as they always have, the beach the same. In Charleston, South Carolina, 10 days ago, I walked along the waterfront facing the bay. I asked an older gentlemen, who told me he’d lived there his whole life, if he had noticed any big changes in the height of the sea water along the shore. Nope, he said, same as when I was a boy.

I fear that Ms. Miyose-Wallis has fallen deeply into the grasp of the neo-religion of global warming/climate change and devastating sea level rises. She is far from alone, sadly.

Had I the chance to sit and talk with her I would ask: How can these drastic sea level rises be occurring worldwide, but just not in Hawaii, or California or the East Coast? Claims of inhabited islands being swallowed by the sea are brought forward as examples of this disaster and yet if you ask them to please give you the names of all these islands, they have none.

The dates of the predicted catastrophic ocean heights and devastating heat waves as set in stone by the high priest of this religion, Al Gore, have come and gone. And yet nothing like what he told us was a certainty has occurred.

As Dave said, once you’ve lived as long as us, you learn a few things about the world. I recall the cover of Time magazine in the 1970s proclaiming the coming of the next ice age within a decade or so. The weather is always changing, always has, always will. Nothing remains the same no matter how much some people wish it would.

I would advise anyone who is interested to beware of false prophets, such as Al Gore, who preach of impending doom if you do not follow their lead. They always have an ulterior motive that benefits them and leaves you disillusioned and poorer.

Brian E. Powers


Pic worth 1,000 words

I, for one, am thrilled to see the photo on the front page of WHT of the homeless guy sleeping on the pavement on Alii Drive. And I’m happy to see all the trash they leave behind.

The huge amount of tourists visiting the island, with our frail infrastructure and lack of funding to “do something” to keep up with progress, coupled with our lack of community efforts, will hopefully keep the tourists away in the future and force our politicians to do something, and now.

Today, I’m loving the homeless.

“Aunty Anne” Hull