Letters to the editor: 03-03-18

Bill 108 would pollute our land

I am a Kona farmer of 49 years. Many are glad Bill 108 was pulled. It presents to the voters a government decision to solve a zoning violation by selling permits to change zoning.

Government is becoming an insatiable beast, draining its income source by 65 percent for itself.

I am only three generations on the aina, my neighbor’s, five. None of us can understand why government would allow this sweet farmland to be used by those with more resources greater than most on this island to rent ag land by the week.

Traffic increases on private road easement, people we don’t know are getting access to our coffee, trash is on our property.

This is an intrusion into and on our lifestyle — then comes private property issues and government wanting in to tax shibai.

Mayor Harry Kim and all council members who support these constant tax and fee increases are supporting government, not the people. Many of you have been in government too long, you have forgotten your roots.

Many families need homes and work multiple jobs to survive. These degrading policies are increasing homelessness and desperation. Shame on you, says a kupuna.

I am a proud Kona boy raised by dreams of proud Kona people.

Steve Stetler

Captain Cook

So tell us what government you want

In France, if you are in the private sector, 80 percent of what you earn goes to the government.

How else could the French system subsidize businesses in the public sector and pay for medical coverage for all? But the French are neither communists, nor socialists, nor capitalists.

Autocratic regime? No, that won’t do either. Go figure!

“Canoe” Gandilhon


Has anything ever worked fixing homeless problems?

Another article on the homeless, I have a question, is there anybody out there who can tell me if there has ever been a successful solution in this country in the past 45 years, anything that could be held up as model for other communities and cities?

If there has ever been such a program, I have never heard of it. Anybody out there have an answer to this question?

Cindy Smith


Hang 10 on these climate facts

I am enjoying the fact that there are old guy surfers concerned enough to write about what they call fake climate change. I can only say they are surfing Egypt’s de-Nile.

Let’s get our boards waxed so we can ride the “King Tides” that are inundating Oahu. We can also ride swift melting of our glaciers and polar ice caps. We should also consider outfitting polar bears with surfboards since most of their hunting grounds have melted — read: soon extinct.

Having been in the water a considerable amount, I tend to look below the surface and find the pH has been affected by our carbon overload with huge areas dead from lack of respect for that which gives us life — Mother Earth.

I applaud those who wish to reverse the effects of the “termite people” who destroy their living areas. Or we can just look at the water level and live in a Trumpy bubble of denial.

Steve Snyder