Hate no place for our island home

First of all, I love your column of letters to the editor/Your Voice. It is here that we can put our deepest, honest thoughts that our brains can come with.

Well, what can I say about this man who obviously went to college to receive a degree that he can put on the end of his name? I have gone to the College of Hard Knocks instead, so I have very high expectations of these highly intelligent beings to put their best foot forward so we can see them as problem solvers in our every day life, not problem makers!

I am grateful that Tim Lippman decided to write to you to say what this man, Robert G. Roosen, was “thinking about” when he expressed his thoughts in the paper. Because, like Tim, I was upset and decided to express my thoughts, too.

I really believe that Robert does not belong on this island we call home. Maybe with time, he will choose only the people he really likes, because he has told us who he doesn’t like. Aren’t we all the same, living on the only planet where we all can live with a possibility of 100 years or so? So one has to decide: Aspire to inspire before one expires is my motto!

Lucky for those people who have those exclusive jobs that he mentioned. I am pretty sure all of them walked into retirement with pride and honor and with benefits that I surely do not have. But what am I complaining about? I have a little mental, physical, financial, social and spiritual being in my every day life that I am extremely happy about! I realize that a lot of people are not happy on this planet, shucks!

Anyway, just my voice to let Robert know that we are upset, and I have many colors in my clan, starting from white, yellow, tan, brown, and black.

Carol Zakahi is a resident of Kona.