Letters to the editor: 03-07-18

County doesn’t need to micromanage Kahaluu

What is going at Kahaluu? Surf concessions?

The local community, visitors and surf schools have always shared the park/beach and coexisted with aloha! For years there has been miscommunication between the county, and state in regards to regulating and finding a common ground for the surf schools to do what they do best; sharing the love of surfing and the beauty of Kahaluu!

I ask the county: Why do we need middle men micromanaging the park? How is the funding going back to the park as they state? What about the sewage spills, plumbing issues, and our county lifeguards, the restrooms and pavilion?

The county always brings up budget and funding,

What about those raises? Was 34.6 percent really necessary? We must take a stand, and do what is right, not for political/monetary gain. Mahalo!

Christel Denzler

Graham, Wash.

Jim always featured the best fish

As a member of the winning team on Anxious, I was disappointed to see the second-place fish on the cover of the sports section two weeks ago.

The charter desk had pictures of our winning fish — seems pretty lazy. Jim wouldn’t have done that.

Pete Peterson


Kahaluu parties making too much noise

I live very close to Kahaluu Beach Park. Someone in the county has decided that parties with very loud music about three times a week is a great idea, and a fabulous money-maker!

I love music. However, I do not wish loud music in my home along with shouts and screaming three times a week. Friday or Saturday night it lasted until almost 10:30 pm.

Tonight it is Mariachi music. I like Mariachi music. But I worked all day, and I’m tired. I’d like to relax.

It is now 9:30 p.m. We have an added bonus tonight. A man talking on a microphone. I’m going to record the noise. I’ll play it for anyone who wants to hear.

Another bonus, it has all the dogs in the neighborhood barking along!

I was diagnosed with cancer this week. I’m trying to stay calm until I figure this out. Would the council members like to come sit in my home with me to listen to the Mariachi music and try to help calm me down?

I think they should all come over for pupus after a long day at work and enjoy the music with me!

My husband volunteers at Reef Watch and, of course, we pay our taxes. The free music is not a perk I wish. Please think about the things you do for money, and don’t do anything you wouldn’t want in your neighborhood.

Deborah McGuire