Letters to the editor: 03-28-18

Voting by mail could increase voter turnout

​Hawaii has the lowest voter turnout rate in the country, and Hawaii County has one of the lowest rates in the state. So how do we get more people to vote?


Communities around the country have increased voter turnout through an initiative called Vote By Mail (VBM). Under the program, a ballot is mailed to every registered voter, no request or application necessary. Voters are then able to return their ballot via mail, at a drop-off location, or cast their vote in-person at early voting centers or service centers on Election Day.

The Hawaii State Office of Elections estimates approximately $750,000 would be saved each election cycle by converting to Voting by Mail. The program would also alleviate pressure on poll sites and workers, and save time on Election Day. Please support democracy in Hawaii and support Vote By Mail.

Justin Avery


Misguided marchers

Marching lock-step in group-think about gun control does little or nothing. There is a good reason the Bill of Rights allows us to bear arms: to defend ourselves and our families against attack, domestic or foreign.

Think about it. If law-abiding citizens were stripped of guns, who would still have them? The military. The law. The criminals. Do you really want to be defenseless? How has this worked out elsewhere throughout history?

Furthermore, without guns, any evil or deranged person would still have numerous options for violence against you. So should all possible ingredients for bomb-building be banned? How about vehicles, since they can suddenly be turned against crowds? How about knives? And on and on.

The problem is not the inanimate objects, but people with misguided intent inclined to pull those triggers or use other weapons. Can’t we turn our collective attention and energy to finally finding compassionate and effective answers for those who are mentally ill? A start would be much stricter background checks for potentially dangerous people. Also, placing armed guards in schools would be the most effective deterrent to preventing tragedies like the recent school shooting.

Suzanne Field


Time to go

How much longer do we need to depend on the incompetent folks at Department of Water Supply? Go to the mainland and hire an experienced, educated executive to manage this critical department.

Our current team does not know why these wells fail. Let’s hire a crew that does know why and how to prevent future failures.

Tom Tucker


Friends of the Children of West Hawaii thanks supporters

Since 1989, the Friends of the Children of West Hawaii (through several variations of the name) has been serving the children of West Hawaii and fighting to prevent abuse and neglect while also provide support for at-risk youth.

On Saturday, March 24, Friends of the Children of West Hawaii was proud to hold our second annual A Round 4 The Kids golf tournament and we would like to take this opportunity to thank those who helped us to make it a success including sponsors, participants and volunteers.

Because of everyone involved, the event was a success in supporting the ongoing programs and services of Friends of the Children of West Hawaii.

Jefferson Gourley


Executive Director

Friends of the Children of West Hawaii