Chipotle gets its time in the spotlight

I have something in common with chipotle chile peppers. We both have our special celebratory day overshadowed by something bigger. My birthday, December 25, is obviously much more, while National Chipotle Day, May 5, is mostly forgotten by Cinco de Mayo festivities. While I’ve accepted my backstage status, I hope to give the humble chipotle it’s moment in the spotlight. Chipotle are the smoked, dry form of ripe jalapeno peppers, smoked slowly over the dried leaves of jalapeno plants. They add a smoky, toasted flavor and mild spiciness to salsas, marinades, beans, soups, sauces and stews. Chipotles can be purchased dried (whole or powdered,) canned in adobo sauce (made by stewing them in onions, tomato, vinegar and spices,) and pickled. Here are a few recipes to “Ole’!” about.