Kilauea eruption continues, vog expected to impact interior areas through Thursday

  • Fissure 8 vigor increased overnight June 18-19 with lava fountains reaching up to 60 m (200 ft). Spatter built up the cone to the east and into the channel. In this photograph, spatter lands on the east cone and flows downward. (USGS/Special to West Hawaii Today)
  • Fissure 8 lava fountains obscured by a longer exposure photograph taken early morning on June 18. The incandescent spots along a horizontal line mark the edge of the lava channel. A tongue of incandescent lava leads down to the right - a small overflow from the channel margin. (USGS/Special to West Hawaii Today)
  • Fissure 8 cone, lava fountain, and channelized lava flow on the morning overflight - June 19 at about 6:10am HST. The lava channel is very full with many small overflows visible on the channel margins. Overflows are sluggish and move slowly downslope as they build up the levees. (USGS/Special to West Hawaii Today)
  • The northern channel margin of the fissure 8 lava flow. Small hill in the distance is the site of our PGcam. Overflows from the channel can be seen producing shiny black to silver pahoehoe flows (incandescent red breakout visible in center of photo). These flows are building up the channel margins and making the levees more robust. (USGS/Special to West Hawaii Today)

KAILUA—KONA — The Hawaiian Volcano Observatory said the eruption on Kilauea volcano’s lower East Rift Zone continues with little change as of Tuesday morning.