Letters to the editor: 07-08-18

Lots of people to thank for to-go bag success

I’d like to set the record straight on the story “Naalehu Elementary School emergency to-go bags” that appeared in the Ka’u Calendar.


On May 30, I handed out over 393 emergency to-go bags to students.

Every student in Naalehu Elementary School received a to-go bag. Created in fun fabric, each bag contained some fun things, but most importantly, each had a whistle, flashlight and a survival blanket. I showed them how and when to use each item and how they might ask their parents to put their names and parents’ names and phone numbers into their bag in case of an emergency. The fun items were age-related and the children were so grateful and welcomed them with smiles and hugs of appreciation.

Thank you to the awesome people that helped with this project:

Councilwoman Miale David and her staff, OKK, Bill Miller, owner of Discount Fabric Warehouse, owner of J. Hara in Kurtistown, Kalae Quilters, Ka’u Hawaii Police Department, officers Dane Shybiuro and Clayton Tayaman, Mary M. Henderson, Loretta Willard, Carol and Earl Spradling, Ed and Marvel Rau.

I can’t say mahalo enough to everyone who helped. I hope to continue to supply the school as new students arrive. I want to inspire other communities to start a to-go bag program for their elementary schools and will be happy to help them get their plan started.

Dina Shisler


Be curteous to us in small cars

To big-truck and SUV drivers on the Big Island, please observe the aloha spirit when you are driving on our roads and highways.

First, please do not tailgate! It will only make you and the driver in front feel stressed, too! Please, do not use your high-beam headlights at night. For most of us, especially those with small cars, the high beams are blinding whether oncoming or behind us.

And please observe the speed limits. Remember, “this ain’t the mainland!”

Ron Raridon


Power is in belief

Pele, Lono, Thor, Allah, Jehovah, what do they have in common? All are alive and well with those who believe. The problem is with the Christians who are out to change all religions who do not comply with their own.

Not being an authority on religions, I have to rely on what history has shown — that more blood has been shed in religious wars. Christians always have been the aggressor trying to convert pagans to Christianity. Unfortunately, this is still happening in the U.S., this time not with the sword but through politics.

Is Pele a pagan god? Maybe. As a child in Hawaii, I was a Catholic not because of my parents, but because being Portuguese, I was expected to follow the Catholic religion. Today, I am not a religious person but I can’t help but think of Madam Pele every time I see the power of the lava flow or the beautiful Lehua blossom.

Why can’t she be the god of my choice? Why must you try to disprove her existence? Missionaries have already came to Hawaii and made the Hawaiians give up their gods, their language and most of their customs.

Give us a break. Let us believe what we want and keep your beliefs to yourself. If you have to destroy what people believe in, start with Santa Claus then go after the Easter bunny and good luck with that.


Paul Santos

Ocean View