Letters to the Editor: 07-12-18

Not fit to be a Supreme Court judge

Brett Kavanaugh has been nominated to replace the retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy on the U.S. Supreme Court.


This is a judge that believes that a sitting President is above the law? Any judge who thinks any person is exempt from the law should not be a judge! Not even on TV!

Marian Hughes


Think wisely before rebuilding

When I read about people thinking of investing in the land where the lava has just inundated, I cannot believe anyone would want to buy in any area where Mother Nature has taken over and reshaped.

Sure, new land has formed, but how safe is it? I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near it.

Those who bought and sold land in the Vacationland area to mainlanders really were dishonest and took advantage of their lack of knowledge for a quick buck. Now those folk do not have any homes but they still have the lava-covered land. Anyone rebuilding there need to think wisely. Mother Nature will continue to do her thing in the same area.


Colleen Miyose-Wallis