Rebates available for air purifying devices

HILO — Hawaii Island residents can receive rebates on energy-efficient air purifiers and some air conditioners.

Brian Kealoha, Hawaii Energy executive director, said the discounts are in response to the increased demand for these appliances due to the Kilauea eruption, which has affected air quality, and the loss of Puna Geothermal Venture as a power source.


“We’re adding more load to the system,” he said, regarding demand for the appliances. “… We understand that’s going to happen. We want to encourage you, if you are purchasing that, to use energy-efficient equipment.”

Rebates are $40 for air purifiers and $50 for window air conditioners with an “Energy Star” label.

Rebate applications are available at participating stores, including all big-box retailers and HPM Building Supply.

Additionally, Hawaii Energy is increasing existing rebates for energy-efficient refrigerators from $150 to $250, split-system air conditioning (under 2 tons) from $150 to $250, and split-system air conditioning (2 to 3 tons) from $250 to $350. Rebates are increasing for central air conditioning tune-ups from $100 to $125.

Kealoha said these additional rebates are only for Hawaii Island residents and will run through the end of June 2019.

Hawaii Energy is a state-run program with the mission of increasing energy efficiency.


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